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We chose an Anna's Hummingbird for our first complimentary chart--This original design is not part of an exising chart!

Every spring it amazes me how, on Mother's Day weekend, without fail, our hummers arrive. If we have forgotten to put up the feeders in their regular places, the birds are there--hovering in front of the window--as if to say, "Well...this is where it's supposed to be...!"

In all of nature there is no greater feat than the migration of this tiny bird. I once read that it had been scientifically proven that the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, considering the size of its body, did not have the energy reserves, metabolically speaking, to fly non-stop over the Gulf of Mexico. The birds, however, failed to read that report, and continue to make the journey.         Back to "Free Charts"

Symbol DMC Color
646 Med Grey
648 Lt Grey
762 Pale Grey
904 Emerald
3052 Med Moss
3053 Lt Moss
321 Red
Sampler Threads
(from The Gentle Arts)
Pink Azalea
Lavender Potpourri
Outlining & Special Instructions
  1. Eye = small French knot in #310 black
  2. Bill = straight stitches in #310 black
  3. Green on bird = #890
  4. Rest of bird = #844
  5. Leaves, branch, and stems = #890
  6. Stamens = straight stitches in #3803
  7. Pollen at ends of stamens = small French knots in #676
  8. After stitching red on head and throat of bird, go back in with a red blending filament and stitch complete X's over the red floss for a touch of realistic irridescence. Use either Balger® #031 crimson, or Rainbow blending thread #617 red.
Anna's Hummingbird
Legal stuff: This design may be used freely for personal use. It may not be sold, kitted, or distributed in any way without permission from the copyright holder. For permission to reprint or otherwise distribute this design, please email Crossed Wing Collection at

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